The Best Nude Lipstick Options for Different Skin Toned Girls

General overview:

Finding out the appropriate lipstick may sound easy, but it actually is not! One of the main things which one needs to be understood is the color combination that suits the skin tone. Choosing a tone which is too light would make you look like the walking dead while selecting a tone which is very dark could make you appear like you’re trying to make brown lipstick happen, which is never a good look. To avoid such preposterous results here are some essential tips in selecting the Best Nude Lipstick for different skin complexions. Read below:

Let us start off with women with an alabaster skin tone or in simple words, a fair and milky skin complexion – the Christina Hendricks type! For people with such milky skin tones, it is preferable that they go for nude lipsticks which have a soft and dusky baby pink color. Several experts say to stop using super opaque as well as flat nudes. They suggest that one can go for sheer formulas like the Cle’ de Peau Extra rich lipstick in 101 or the Belge Bobby Brown lip color!

For ladies who have fair skin tones like say Emma Stone, they can go for a nude lipstick which is rosy-beige like for example Jouer’s Hydrated lip color in Meg. Experts say that the skin tone should not be an exact match with the lips as it doesn’t translate well in real life. There should be a warmth and separation between the skin color and the lip color.

The Best Nude Lipstick Options for Different Skin Toned Girl

The Best Nude Lipstick Options for Different Skin Toned Girls

For the ladies who have light skin complexions, the smart thing to do on their part is to go for a warmer tone of nude lip color. One can definitely opt for a pink shade and also definitely go for beige. The thing should be to attain more pigments in the lip surface when compared to someone who comprises of a fair undertone or a milky Alabaster skin complexion. One of the recommended options is the Tom Ford’s lipstick in blush nude as well as the Charlotte Tilbury “Kissing” in Nude Kate!

For women having warmer olive skin tones like say Maria Menounos, they should try and go for a caramel-tone beige lip color which is a bit darker than their skin color. Experts recommend finding a shinier formula which assists in the warmth of the skin complexion. A great example here is Love Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine!

For the cool olive toned babes, like Lea Michele’s, they would have loads of options! However, experts say that the best option is to go for a darker nude lip color or for that matter a lighter nude color, which as a result enables the lips not to vanish. One can also try and sheer pink tinted lip shade and go for Dior’s Dior Addict Lipstick.


We have tried to quickly highlight different options to pick the best nude lipstick for your skin complexion. We are currently writing more blog articles to enlight you even further. Thanks for reading!

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