Subaru WRX STI Specs, Release Date and Price

Subaru WRX STI is the best option of futuristic car that you can select. Many people love to use this car since it is available with elegant appearance in it. By choosing this car, you will feel the real element of best car that can make you fall in love so much with it. This best car is available with incredible specs in it. When you use this car, you will feel the presence of luxury car with comfortable feature in it. This car manufacturer is popular all around the world. If you plan to buy this car, maybe you have to wait for a while.

Subaru WRX STI Specifications

The specification of this car is wonderful. When you buy this car, you will be able to make your dream in having the best option of car comes true. The engine of this car is new. It is using V6 Engine with Eco Boost technology in it. The technology of V6 3.5L available in this car will be able to make you ride this ca with faster speed. If you feel that you want to buy best car with amazing style, this one can do it for you. If you need more power, don’t worry since this car can do it for you. The presence of performance more than 350 horsepower will be able to make you enjoy using this car.


About the performance of this Subaru WRX STI, there is nothing that you will regret. This car has up to 28/21 MPG in it. With the technology of turbo boost, this car will finally able to make you drive with satisfaction feeling. In addition, the engine is made by high end material. As a result, you will be able to see that the engine of this car is not easy to break. The technology of Fuel Save technology in this car will allow you to use this car without spending much money to buy its fuel.Subaru WRX STI Specs, Release Date and Price1


About the interior part of this car, you will be spoiled with many good technologies in it. There is navigation system that you can find in it. It can be imbued with GPS. As a result, you will be able to find exact location about the destination that you have to visit. Then, there is spacious area available in this car. By using this best car, you will find the right option of car that will make you feel happy with it. The seat available in this car is made by comfortable material. As a result, traveling time will become more comfortable indeed.


About the exterior of this best car Subaru WRX STI, you will find new concept of color in it. In this new car, you will see the appearance of solid color in it. Feel free to choose the one that has black color in it. The option of black color in this car will be able to show you the things that you need. Black color symbolizes elegant. If you like to choose luxury car with spectacular appearance, this one can do the best for you.


New redesign is available in this car. Unlike its previous version, this new car will provide you with stylish appearance inside, and wonderful concept in outside. With both best combinations, showing this car to other people will make you proud so much. Many people like to choose this car since the shape available in it is really original. It means that you will see the appearance of new shape available in it. There are no other cars using this concept just yet. So, this car is prideful and amazing.

Release Date

There is no exact date of this car to be released. If you want to buy this car, maybe it is good idea for you to pre booking it. When you do pre order, you will be prevented for problem of out of stock when you use this product. The newest car of this brand will come soon in the 2017 – 2018. If you have planned to buy new version of car with this brand, you can wait while collecting your money first. You may have to wait till summer or fall next year.


The price of Subaru WRX STI resembles its quality. It means that the price is fair. You may have to purchase this car with the price starting at 26,295 dollar. It is indeed that the price can be more than that if you request for additional features and accessories to be imbued in it. There are many people have pre ordered this car. This is actually a good idea. When you do pre order, you can plan for what accessories or additional things that you can add in it. You can exactly add your purchasing for more than 27,000 dollars if you want to make it becomes perfect car.

Why You Have to Choose Subaru WRX STI

The best car Subaru WRX STI can now be yours. There are many features that you can find through it. In this nice option of car, you will find several things that you need. First, this car is featured with technology of Bluetooth. With this feature, you can do transferring and receiving data easily. Second, in order to follow with the latest technology, this car will assure you that you can connect it with your iPhone or Android. With this best compatibility, you can now enjoy using this car.

Third, this type of car will be able to give you the feature of LCD Display. This display is useful for you if you want to configure the system of your car. There are many people like to select it. This LCD Display is featured with touch screen technology in it. In the end, you will be able to make this car becomes useful to be used. Fourth, there is the feature of Auto Pilot imbued in this car. You can freely make this car drive automatically. It is useful using this feature when you feel tired and want this car move by itself.

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